3 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Reach on Facebook

Facebook marketing involves way more than just posting helpful information or pictures on your business page’s timeline. Smart business owners partner with digital marketing experts to reach larger audiences every month. The larger your audience on Facebook, the higher your chances of making sales directly from this platform. A higher reach also means increased visibility for your brand. So, how do the digital marketing experts do it? How do they reach out to more and more people on a consistent basis? It’s not too complicated. Savvy digital marketers use all possible tools on Facebook to help their clients boost their reach. Here are three ways they achieve this objective –

Stories and Hashtags

Story posts on Facebook are a great tool for informing followers about upcoming posts, new content, major announcements, etc. Instead of only making basic posts, your brand should regularly create Facebook stories. Create vertical content for your Facebook Stories. By doing so, your company’s content will be more accessible to smartphone users. Use different editing tools to make collages, video compilations, and other interesting things for your Facebook stories. Also, don’t forget to add relevant, trending hashtags to your social media posts. For instance, if your company sells shoes, use hashtags like – #fashion, #shoes, etc. Visit https://minimicegroup.com/en/social/ to master the art of creating posts with relevant hashtags to draw organic traffic to your Facebook page.


Video ads on Facebook are extremely popular. That’s why digital marketing experts advise business leaders to make their Facebook videos as accessible as possible. One easy way of doing so is by including subtitles in your video ads. Many users don’t activate the audio of their Facebook apps. They scroll through videos without subtitles. But, when they spot powerful videos with easy-to-read subtitles, they stop scrolling and engage with the post. To learn more about utilizing the power of video ads on Facebook.

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