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Bts Biot Meaning

Why is BTS being called BTS Biot?

They have written the term BTS biot over it and now they are being called out. Since apparently the term wasn’t used optimistically, since some Filipinos netizens still use the term in a derogatory manner. Army’s are now considering this as a humiliation against BTS who have been known for their stance worldwide.

What is the meaning of BTS Bayot?

BTS fans, also known as ARMY's, expressed their disappointment as ‘BTS Bayot’ or ‘BTS Biot’ trends in the Philippines. The term is now being used as a trendy catch-phrase derogatory tool for male homosexuals, a male-to-female transgender, or transexual person in the Filipino language.

Is the BTS Biot (gay) trending on Twitter?

Recently, the BTS BIOT (gay) topped the trending topic on Twitter after the fans of BTS, also known as ARMYs expressed their disappointment towards the viral photoshoot of students. Some Filipinos still use the word “gay” disrespectfully and negatively. The topic gained thousands of engagements as Pride Month is being celebrated.

Is BTS Biot popular in Korea?

The trend also reached South Korea, and fans expressed their thoughts about it: 'BTS BIOT' has now reach in korea, "Triggered as a 'KOREAN' itself". If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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