How To Become A Flight Attendant – Basic Necessary Requirements?

If you dream of pursuing a career as a flight attendant and traveling worldwide, first, you need to know how to become a flight attendant. For those who dream of traveling the world and discovering new cultures, a career as a flight attendant can be a great option. In addition, it is a profession surrounded by glamour, news, and advantages, for example, free tickets, hotel accommodation, among others. Click to know about Toeic study (เรียน toeic which is the term in Thai)

In short, the flight attendant is an essential element for the safety and well-being of everyone during the flight and is responsible for receiving and serving the crew and passengers of an aircraft and for example, taking passengers to their respective seats, providing food, checking safety equipment and providing guidance on necessary precautions during the flight.

And it is not necessary to have previous experience to enter the career, as specific preparatory training is carried out. What can make it easier for those who dream of pursuing a career as a flight attendant?

However, the process is not simple; they are divided into several stages, including survival training in the wild. Although it does not require a college degree, to enter the career, you must have a Technical Qualification Certificate, which is a training course for flight attendants, which can be done at any aviation school approved with an average duration of five months.

What Does A Flight Attendant Do?

Before knowing how to become a flight attendant, it is essential to understand what functions one performs. In short, the flight attendant is the professional responsible for the organization and security during an air trip. In this way, it receives passengers, directs them to their seats, assists in the disposal of hand luggage inside the aircraft. In addition to serving food, beverages, transmitting safety information, verifying that passengers are following security measures, and complying with crew requests.

As a profession that deals directly with unexpected or stressful people and situations, the flight attendant needs to have self-control and good communication. In addition, it is essential to have quick thinking, agility, organization, good observation, and above all, excellent problem-solving skills. However, it is not a profession that follows a routine, as you will be traveling to the most diverse places in the country and the world, meeting new people and cultures.

As for the salary of a flight attendant, it depends on the size of the airline they work for, the length of professional experience, and the type of flight they operate (national and international). In addition, the values ​​can vary.

Finally, the professional is not restricted to commercial flights, working in private jets, helicopters, etc. And with more experience, he can become a cabin manager. Search for Toeic tutoring (ติว โท อิ ค which is the term in Thai)

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