How To Build A Basketball Court

Are you fond of basketball? A sport that has been present in our country for years and is very popular among people, it asks for adequate space to practice it and its materials and correct signage. Check out how to set up a professional basketball court!

Are you going to help renovate a condominium or gym? Check the instructions for setting up a basketball court (สนามบาส which is the term in Thai) following regulations. It is worth starting by saying that the surface should be rigid and flat, measuring 26m long by 14m wide up to 28m long by 15m wide.


The lines must be drawn in white and 5cm wide. The final lines, boundary lines, are not part of the court but delimit the ball’s space and must be positioned 2m from the playing court. The centerline, in turn, will be delimited at 0.15m beyond each sideline, while the center circle will have a radius of 1.80m.

Finally, the free-throw lines must be 5.8m away from the inner margin and 3.60m in length.


The basket area of ​​the 3-point field is formed by two parallel lines that extend to the end line, with an outer margin of 0.90m from the inner margin. An arc with a radius of 6.75m must be measured from the ground point to the center of the opponent’s basket.


The table also has its specifications; it should be a single and transparent piece – preferably – and made of tempered glass. The lines must be 5cm long and be white or black (in the case of white tables).

They must be positioned at 1.20m from the final line and 2.90m high. The rings are made of solid iron, with an inner diameter of 45 cm, painted orange. It is essential to buy the basketball backboard from a qualified store to avoid problems.

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