What is Muay Thai?

Frequently referred to as “The Art of 8 Limbs,” Muay Thai fighters make use of both legs, as well as arms, with the end goal of taking down their opponent. Each body part acts as its own, specific tool: boxers’ hands serve as swords, their shins as shields, as well as armor and their joints as well as knees as an axe or hammer. Fights generally do not go on for greater than 5 rounds, lasting three minutes each.

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Mystical Origins


Where or from whom Muay Thai actually originated from has yet to be entirely discovered. Many documents were ruined in 1767, after the Burmese military obviously burned all documents of its origins. There are still several tales, however, regarding how this fighting style type happened.

One is that all Thai armed forces members were educated this hand-to-hand kind of fight as a means of defense against neighboring nations, including Cambodia and Myanmar. An additional says that as Thai individuals moved south from China, the struggle to occupy land required them to create their combating abilities to protect both themselves, as well as their land from the hazard of possible intrusion.

The Dress Code


No t-shirt, no shoes, not a problem. Muay Thai competitors have a number of guidelines they have to abide by when it pertains to appearance. No unclean hair, no beards for males, tidy mustaches are fine, as well as cut toenails are a must.

Where To Enjoy Muay Thai in Bangkok?


There are numerous Muay Thai boxing fields around Bangkok. Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is probably amongst the most popular as well as busiest. Fights happen on Tuesdays, Fridays, as well as Saturdays.

Rajadamnern Stadium was built in 1945 as well as is amongst the oldest stadiums in Bangkok. It holds fights every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, as well as Sunday, with doors opening at 6 pm.

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