Your Entrepreneur Work From Home Business Success Series – 8 – Automation

“AUTOMATION”: Will it seem just a little frightening or possibly a tad too Hi-tech for you personally now over time?

This really is where the complex is described making simple.

Automation is really a planned process in which a number of steps are put into play to ensure that each follows another in sequence. The steps result in your ultimate goal, which would be to guide your suggested team- mates for their goal, those of obtaining enough understanding within their search, so they could make their finest informed decision, which would be to select you his or her sponsor.

So, how must we make this happen process? (This happens once you have registered together with your sponsor) The steps are listed below:

Step One Make your located Website name

Step Two Make your website

Step Three Produce a landing or capture page

Step Four Create ads on the internet AdWords that cause them to your capture page

Step Five Open a free account with Aweber, that will save your valuable listing of “opt-ins” out of your capture page

Step Six Write followUp messages that’ll be instantly delivered to your list inside a predetermined length of time. (This e-mail is one particualr followUp message)

Step 7 Join a Merchant Charge Card Company so that you can have the ability to collect money.

Step 8 Should you join Global Resorts Network, you must also setup together with your Bank to wire transfer funds out of your Bank for their Bank to become compensated your commissions.

Step 9 Write articles for Ezine Magazine, which is printed on the web.

Step 10 Create a lot of Videos and upload to YouTube. (See my Video, “How you can Have Some Fun Making Videos” on my small website)

Step 11 Produce a Blog to help keep people informed of the activities, share your learning, and show products of great interest.

Step 12 Join the places to waste time, get the Biography available out of all appropriate sites.

Step 13 Discover the effective telephone sales techniques to be able to talk with your prospects.

Step 14 Keep learning. Educate and constantly improve yourself to be able to give it to your team- mates and prospects. (See #5 within this series, “Personal Development”)

Step 15 Continue doing, speaking, learning and teaching.

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